Fashion For Life 2014

I've always been pleased to be able to support Fashion For Life as a blogger, so this year it's even more of an honour for me to be able to support it as a designer. I've been working really hard this past couple of weeks to put together a fetish inspired collection that's on sale exclusively at Fashion For Life. "Spiked" includes a corset, a mermaid skirt, leggings, a studded and spiked collar and some spiked high platform wedge mules for Slink High Feet in a range of colours, including both gold and silver metal versions.

My exclusive 100% donation item is an animated colour change rainbow glitter version of Spiked that slowly cycles through the spectrum, creating a sensual and hypnotic effect. You can see the effects for yourself in the demo video here. 100% of the proceeds will go to The American Cancer Society, and I would be thrilled to see people buying it!

I decided to show you a couple of the corset colour options in this blog post - the first pic shows Sugared Rose Glitter a delicate pastel pink, and the second and third show Lime Glitter - a bright citrus shade which works perfectly with the new Finesmith Late Bloomer set in Melon Ice.

Please take the time to visit the ghee store at Fashion For Life - and while you're there, check out the rest of the 10 sims of awesome fashion for a great cause that touches us all. This SLURL will take you to a landing point, click it again once you've landed, and it will take you direct to the ghee store. Happy shopping!


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