Friday, 31 August 2012

Gone sailing!

It's the last days of summer, here we can already feel a chill in the air. And this weekend, I'm going sailing in real life to make the most of what's left of the sunshine.

I thought I'd post this photo taken when me and my SL sister Kellis donned our favorite bikinis and took her luxury yacht out on a pretty boating sim a couple of weeks back when we were having a heatwave! We'd been out shopping for swimwear, and found some nice mesh bikinis from two new stores. The bikinis are both from the same template -  a very nicely fitting rigged mesh, and with no need for alpha layers (yay!). Kellis went for a vibrant plain colour from Lola Creations, while I opted for some cool retro feeling stripes from Whatever.

Have a great weekend folks! And enjoy what's left of the summer :)

Style notes:

Kellis (right) wears:
Bikini: Bikini violett by Lola Creations
Shoes: Doux High Pumps Black by DADAbeiz

Bea (left) wears:
Bikini: Stripes Bikini by Whatever
Shoes: Aelia Wedges in Pinenut by Celoe

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Erotica II Black Widow

Today I'm wearing the new release from Mohna Lisa Couture - Erotica II Black Widow. I said the original Erotica gown was pure sex, if that's the case, then Black Widow is downright kinky sex!  

Rigged mesh, glittering black, with cutaway sides covered in polka dot net, with a high collar and glistening mermaid skirts that flare from the knee, this is the one to wear when you want the object of your desires groveling at your feet and calling you "Mistress". It comes with a veiled fascinator, earrings and a choice of collars - plain (shown here) and with a brooch that matches the earrings. There's also a HUD so you can set the skin tone to match your own. 

Just add killer heels, a classy cigarette holder and shiny red lipstick and get in touch with your inner femme fatale!

Style notes:
Gown, fascinator, earrings: Mohna Lisa Couture - Erotica II Black Widow
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Veronica Mesh Hair /Seafoam
Cigarette holder: R&V Concepts

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Take one frock - from city chic to boho...

Mon Tissu makes some of the best original rigged mesh clothing around, and their recent release "Frock" doesn't disappoint. A perfect summer dress, it's a loose mini, gathered at the neckline into little spaghetti straps. And (a big plus for me) with minimal shape tweaking, it fits perfectly without an alpha layer - so no horrid empty spaces where your body should be - just remember to wear panties!

The dress comes in a range of plain and patterned fabrics - and as always, I struggled to choose just one. So I picked my favorite 2 patterns, and had some fun styling up 2 radically different looks with the same dress.  The first a chic, high fashion look for the girl about town; the second, something more relaxed, with a boho feel for those lazy summer days.

Style Notes - Look 1 - City Chic
Dress: Mon Tissu - Frock Dress /Chevron
Hat: Glam Affair - Lisanna Hat /Black (from L'accessories)
Shoes: Diktator - Dare /Black&White)
Bag: Milk Motion - My Glitter Tote Bag (large) (recoloured) 
Necklaces: .Shi - Stone (long and short worn together)
Bracelet: Erratic - Leather Chained bracelet /White
Earrings: Magic Nook - Sparkling Wave Earring /silver
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Matchgirl Mesh Hair / Seafoam
Sunglasses: Steinwerk - Fina (slim)

Style notes - Look 2 - Boho Chic
Dress: Mon Tissu - Frock Dress /Ditsy
Bag: Maitreya - Leather Satchel /Mustard
 Shoes: DADAbeiz - Doux High Pumps /Yellow
Hair: Truth - Hailey w/Roots /Swedish
Necklace: Magic Nook - Shoo be Doo Necklace /Yellow

Friday, 24 August 2012

First the good news....

It's been a very mixed up week for me - with all sorts of good and not so good things happening - I've been offered an exciting new job (that comes with a big shiny office all of my own!) more of which later, and left another one. it's also been a mixed bag for me on the contests front.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I'm a big fan of Vanity Hair, and the best news this week has been I've been selected as one of 9 finalists in the Vanity Hair Muse 2012 contest! There's a composite picture of all the finalists here - and as you can see, all of them are absolutely fabulous! I am so thrilled and honoured to be counted amongst such talented company for this, and I don't envy Tabata in choosing just one winner.

I have had some not so good news as well. I have dreamt of competing in this year's Miss Virtual World for almost a year now - and have got through to the live auditions, the last of which is this weekend. Unfortunately, it's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and I have long standing plans to go away with my partner. There's just no way I can get to an internet connection on Saturday, so I won't be able to do it. So the dream stops here. I feel so disappointed, especially not to have the chance to compete along with some of my good friends and peers - so I'll be cheering on from the sidelines this time, and want to wish all the "Misses" the very best of luck in what I'm sure will be an awesome experience!

Style notes:
Hair: Vanity Hair - Playful /Platinum
Jewellery: Finesmith - Folieole /Mapel
Top - Zaara - Nina Tube Top /Charcoal with Ivory tie

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lady Stardust

Mz Black has struck a perfect chord with one of her Vintage Fair releases this year - it's the 40th anniversary of David Bowie's iconic album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - an album that literally changed popular music history. It changed fashion history too - Bowie's startling androgeous look with his ultra pale skin, extraordinary makeup and shock of orange spiky hair inspired generations,   and led the way for punk and new romantic style. 

I've be planning to do a post about the blackLiquid Ziggy makeup since before the start of the Vintage fair, when blackLiquid did me the honour of asking me to model for the vendor for it! How did she know I was a big Bowie fan??? I swear, that woman must be psychic! And then, earlier this week, she showed me some more new releases, her very first skin - Yoko, and some great shoes, Ultraplatforms, that come in a massive range of colours. So it got me thinking, why not put them all together and have a bit of a blackLiquid fest!

Style notes:
skin: blackLiquid - Yoko Skin /Cream
makeup: blackLiquid - Ziggy - for the Vintage Fair
shoes: blackLiquid - Ultraplatforms /Tangerine Tango
bangles: blackLiquid - Orbital /Tangerine
nails: blackLiquid - Orbaital /Tangerine

hair: Wasabi Pills - Skye /Powder
dress: Ison - Bodycon Shoulder Dress /gold (recoloured by me)
earrings: Rozoregalia - Narusaza
eyeliner: Izzie's
lashes: Lelutka

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Vintage Fair highlights - Miss Betty Pinup Dress

Some more retro gorgeousness from the Vintage Fair 2012, with these fab original mesh dresses from !dM Devious Mind. Fun and flirty, Miss Betty Pinup is all about the curves! Coming in a quite dazzling array of colours and patterns, with 3 different trim and lining options for each pattern, it's hard to choose just one - so I thought I'd style up 3!

Lots of photos with this post, so I won't say much more, except that the Vintage Fair runs till 29th August, so there's still time to get there, and if you've not been yet you're missing a treat! Also, they've taken the landing points down - so the SURLs in this post will take you direct to the stores - no more getting lost!

First up is Miss Betty Pinup in Pineapple - such a gorgeous sunny colour, this one just makes me smile! I'm wearing Cohimbra Hairpiece in Platinum from Vanity Hair, and N-core Lulu shoes in black - both Vintage Fair exclusives. The jewellery is from Magic Nook for The Dressing Room.

Next up, Miss Betty Pinup Valentine, with Paisley trim, worn with Veronica Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills, and N-core Zen sandals - more Vintage Fair releases. The hair flower comes with the Miss Bettty pinup dress.

Finally, Miss Betty Pinup Gingham Check - I love the retro feel of this one. I'm wearing the Zen sandals from N-core for the Vintage Fair again, this time with the platform and heel in a pale wood texture option.

The hair this time is not a Vintage Fair item, but it does have a wonderful retro fifties feel - it's called Soft from Elikatira, in Light Blonde 05.

In all these photos I'm usisng poses from TuTy's for the Vintage Fair, aptly named Pinup - these come with a handy HUD so you can use them anywhere.

The tattoos you see in all the pics are called from Artilleri - these are my all time fave tatts - I wore them all the time in my early SL days and I would post the SURL, honest I would, but there are rolling restarts happeening right now, and I can't grab it. Sorry!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The blue dress

Sometimes I just want to keep it simple. Sometimes I just want to take a good book and a blanket and find a nice spot in the countryside to relax and enjoy a quiet read, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Sometimes I just want to put on a pretty dress and flat sandals, tie my hair back, and not worry too much about "styling". OK, so it's not that often in SL, but still...!

This pretty blue dress is another Vintage Fair 2012 find. From !E Eclectic Apparel, it's a simple fifties inspired sleeveless dress with a wide waistband in mesh, and comes in a wide range of patterns and colours. I went for this one because I used to have a real life dress just like it, and wore it to death one summer.

Style Notes:
Dress: !E Eclectic Apparel at the Vintage Fair - Eva Dress - Cerulean
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Ichigo /Seafoam
Bag: Auxiliary at FaMeshed - Oversized Tote /Nude
Sandals: SLink - Ilena Sandals /Black (for SLink rigged mesh feet)
Bracelet: Mandala - Pearl Rain /pink

Location: Roche a very beautiful sim!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The drama of Baroque

Something of an antidote to the season's dominant simple clean lines and pale colours, this month's Collbor88 has chosen baroque as the theme. Collabor88 is a year old this month, and celebrates with an extra large collection with items from every designer that has guested over the past year. As usual, this collection doesn't disappoint, and it confirms Collbor88 as one of my all time favorite shopping destinations. 

Full of lush deep colours, vibrant patterns and elaborate styling, this collection is packed with must have's, and all at bargain prices, so you can still afford to buy some gems, even if the Vintage Fair has left you almost broke!

I fell in love with Glam Affair's Roza Baroque skin, one of the undisputed stars of the Collabor88 collection - ultra pale, almost grey, skin, with gorgeous, delicate, shading - there are 3 versions - shown here is the first, with the most beautiful deep purple lipstick, one almost bare, and one with pale red lips and eye makeup. At only 188L$ each, I went for all 3 - fantastic value!

I'm also loving this fab headpiece and ring from LaGyo - there's a necklace in the collection too, but I wanted something different for this look. This top from r2 is daring, with a dramatic cutaway back and a cutesy tie bow positioned just to get all eyes on your butt! The texture is simply gorgeous on these. I hope you enjoy my purple baroque look as much as I have wearing it!

Style notes:

Skin: Glam Affair - Roza - BaroQ 01 /BL
Top: r2 - A/D/E j-color-tunktop-mini-one-piece /purple
Headpiece: LaGyo - Bizarre flower headpiece
Ring: LaGyo - Bizarre flower ring 
Hair: D!va - Manon" (Type B) /platinum
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - AngelWings /gold
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer AngelWings - long /gold

from other places:
Leggings: Glow Studio Black Mamba Leggings 1
Boots: BE - Worn Boots /grape (from the Vintage Fair)
Eyeliner: Zeery -  Colors Eyeliner  /Plum Pudding
Lipgloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP - hot pink sheer shimer 
Nails: Synthetique - Brights Colour Tactics Series

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Vintage Fair-a-go-go!

I'm loving coldLogic's new releases for the Vintage Fair, especially this sixties inspired simple shift that makes me feel ready to strut down Carnaby Street to the sounds of the Beatles, and the colours just make me smile! Never one to disappoint, Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair has released 3 retro styles for the fair - this gorgeous backcombed do is aptly named "Bombshell" and it reminds me so much of a photo of my Mum from the sixties!

There are some fabulous poses on sale at the Vintage Fair too - today I'm using a pose from Bent, Twiggy, from a set called 60's Fashion Models. Bent have a range of vintage and retro style poses from various eras at the fair, lovely for getting some authenticity to photos of your vintage looks.

I must say a quick thanks to Ayrton Radikal, who popped over to pose for me as the photographer for this shoot - I've had this photo studio prop in my inventory from Virtual Props 'n' Poses for ages, and never got the chance to use it till now. Thanks Ayrton!

Style notes:

Dress: coldLogic - partridge /cantaloupe
Hair: Vanity Hair: Bombshell /Platinium
Makeup: Essences - Twiggy eyelashes with eyeliner
Pose: Bent - Twiggy

From elsewhere:
Boots: Maitreya - Radical Boots Suede /white
Eyeliner: Izzie's - Double Wing Eyeliner
Lips: blackLiquid Makeup - Barbie Bitch Sheer Shimmer

Friday, 10 August 2012

.Shi Imperium at the Vintage Fair

I got a lovely surprise yesterday, when I was invited to blog for .Shi - Joy Laperriere is one of my favourite designers, she produces the most exquisite and original mesh pieces with a small but stunning collection of clothing and accessories at her Euphoria store. Joy recently branched into furniture as well, with some gorgeous contemporary pieces. If you've not visited .Shi before, do it now! It's a must for any card carrying fashionista!

In these pictures I'm wearing .Shi's new releases for the Vintage Fair - Imperium - the set includes the hat (with colour change) bamboo necklace and shoulder ornaments. I'm also wearing the new group gift, the Dowager Nail, an intricate piece, based on real historical finds.

Style notes:

Hat: .Shi : Imperium Hat {Unisex}[Mesh Unrigged]
Necklace: .Shi : Imperium Necklace with beads
.Shi : Imperium Shoulder Ornament [Mesh] (male and female versions available)
**all available exclusively From the Vintage Fair**
Gold fingernail, worn on little finger: .Shi : Dowager Nail ••Group Gift••
Hair: Wasabi Pills/ Matchgirl Mesh Hair /Seafoam
Skin: Glam Affair - Roza - BaroQ 02 - BL (from Collabor88)
Eyeliner: Zeery - Colors Eyeliner / Green Tinsel
Lips: blackLiquid MAKEUP - Brass Kiss (Vintage Fair gift)
blackLiquid MAKEUP - hot pink sheer shimer 1
Nails: Synthetique Brights Colour Tactics Series
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Hope Dress /Black/Green

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hope for Emilia Fashion Fair - last day today!

The Hope for Emila Fashion Fair closes its doors today, so it's your last chance to get over there and support the cause by spending some lindens on the exclusive designs on offer. Amongst the many great  designs, you'll find this floaty gown "Emilia" from Azul (a late arrival at the fair, so if you went early you will have missed this one!) and a huge selection of jewellery from Endra Graves of Artistry by E. In these pictures I'm wearing Joanne, a pretty silver set inlaid with polished mother of pearl. The set includes earrings, necklace and a bangle (not worn).

Hope For Emilia has raised over 720,000L$ so far, and although the fashion fair is closing, there are plans to continue fundraising over the year ahead. There is an excellent and moving interview with organiser Anna Sapphire  where she describes the impact of the earthquakes from first hand experience, and her long term plans for Hope for Emilia.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Strawberry sundae

Another timeless classic look from The Vintage Fair 2012, this time with a distinctly forties flavour!

This sweet cap-sleeved peplum dress in red lace is from inMonster. The fun strawberry sundae hat is a BabOa exclusive for the Vintage Fair, and the hair is TuTy's Romantic - 40's Vintage Hairstyle in Platinum, for that touch of Hollywood glamour. 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Vintage Fair 2012 ~ Time to Shop!

The Vintage Fair 2012 opens today (Saturday 4th August) and it's time to splurge those Lindens on an extraordinary exclusive range of vintage and retro inspired goodies from hundreds of designers! The Vintage Fair isn't a charity event, it's just good old fashioned retail therapy where your money actually goes to the designers, you know, the ones who do the hard work of making the fabulous goods on offer.

Click here for a complete list of stores and SURLs at the fair.

I got lucky and got the chance to be an official blogger for the Vintage Fair, so I'll be showing you some of my picks from the fair exclusives over the next week or so.

I'm loving this Jackie O inspired sixties styled suit from PurpleMoon (one of the fair's main sponsors), and the cute Hamptons hair from Vanity Hair, that comes with a hud controlled colour change band for a perfect match with any outfit. Di's Opera has released some wonderful retro styled poses - I'm using one from the Hairspray set, and I have a feeling you may be seeing more of these over the next week or so!

If you do go to the fair, remember to reduce your scripts and prims to the bare minimum to minimise lag for yourself and other shoppers - here's a handy guide to reducing lag at events that's well worth reading.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

SoliDea foliEs for Hope for Emilia

Something a little different this time from the Hope For Emilia Fashion Fair.

A sumptuous rasberry confection from avant garde label SoliDea foliEs - called simply "pouf".  It's basically a big pompom of frills that cover your whole body that flutter and ripple as you walk. The outfit itself comes with a mesh mini skirt in the same colour, but I thought it would work even better with the couture leggings from Maitreya, and I added the gloves from another soliDea foliEs outfit.

Add big hair, some dramatic makeup and ultra glossy lips, et voila! Glamourous avant garde!

In the bottom picture I used a pose from Pose Sinfully,  created by the wonderful Absinthe Montenegro exclusively for Hope for Emilia. The top picture uses a pose from Di's Opera Quirky Line.

The fashion fair continues until 9th August, so there's still time to get your hands on those exclusives!