Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Creature of the night

This is the Queen of the Dead - look upon her and tremble! She is crowned with the skulls of her most prized victims, her eyes glow red with blood lust.. her skin is the palest pale, and fresh blood drips from her shiny red lips. Her face is framed with red love hearts - representing the many hearts she has conquered and owned...on her thigh a dagger in the shape of a scorpion glints, her familiar, a vampire bat, flies above her shoulder, her long red nails carry tiny spikes ready to rip open the tender flesh of those who succumb to her...she is swathed in black chiffon and lace, and wears impossibly high heels at which many a willing victim has worshipped...terrible and beautiful, she will lure you, seduce you, and steal your soul...

What I'm wearing

Vampire Queen Crown - Vita's Boudoir
Sadness veil from baronesse Castelli hat - Vita's Boudoir
The  black lace body is the base of a dress called Elegance in Lace from Earth & Sky fashion
Cape and veils part of Rising from the Myst outfit from Ho Wear (recoloured)
Black lace gloves - LaceUnderthings- with emellishment taken from Rozoregalia Bouhachi gloves

Hair Exa in Platinum PurpleMoon
Skin - LAQ ~ Elena 08 [Pale] Glow skin
Gems & Kisses - A Love is born - necklace and earrings
Gems & Kisses - Vendetta nails

Vampire Bite Marks and fangs Thirst::Bloodlines
Black Bat - Epiphanies - found on marketplace
Dague Scorpion - Angle d'Enfer (marketplace find)
Demon glow eyes - Covey Retail

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The witching hour...

We're heading for hallowe'en and all the stores have costumes out for all those parties and spooky themed events.  Delia Auer is no exception, with a little collection of seasonally themed items and gowns at her Nizhi healing centre and store. And for halloween, Delia is giving a free witchy cauldron with particle emitters with each of these gowns! So, if you want a little glam with your horror, take a look at Nizhi.

First up is Ragnina (above), a gossamer gown that looks like it's spun from spiders webs. it comes with 2 cape options - a shoulder capelet, and a full length transparent cloak, shown here.

Next we have Iris in blue - a net gown with magical symbols woven into it. This comes with long and mid length skirt options, and a frill prim part for the top so it can be worn separately.

Finally, Iris Black Halloween Gown in Spider Net - a darker take on the Iris gown, again woven with symbols, that works brilliantly with the spider web Arachne hair from Tuknowaguma and Spider jewellery from Gems & Kisses for that deadly Black Widow style! A lovely little detail to finish the look is the spider face tattoo makeup from Alge's Designs .

Monday, 17 October 2011

Rock chick gone gaga in space...or, styling on the spot!

I did my second class at Miss Virtual World Academy yesterday. It was a class called "From model to diva" by Miaa Rebane, Miss Virtual World 2010. The main focus was on redefining "diva" in a positive way. I won't try to explain how here, if you want to know, enroll for the course!

Part of the class focussed on make-up and accessories, and we were given an on the spot styling task. Our challenge was to start from a base outfit of black, and use jewellery and accessories to create a look which we could describe in one line.

Now,  I often spend a lot of time putting a look together, so for me, on the spot styling is just a bit scary - but I have to admit, sometimes working fast and making snap decisions can create a really bold, strong look, that could well get lost in nuances given a few more hours of fiddling.  This was the look I came up with.

I called it Rock Chick Gone Gaga in Space. I originally described it as casual chic - but as Miaa quite rightly pointed out this was no way a casual outfit. I should have called it avant garde or high fashion. My starting point for the look was the top I was already wearing - a black backless sheer top, part of an outfit from .S H I. I was originally wearing brown leather shorts from So Many Styles, so I swapped them for black, kept on my Osakki leggings, and added boots from Miamai Black Label. So far so good, black base all done.

Now for accessories. The first thing that popped into my mind was a new avant garde futuristic necklace/collar I had recently bought from sYs and never I popped that on. Perfect! Dramatic, great shape, adding emphasis to the shoulders, and the monochrome colour scheme worked brilliantly on the black base. The pom-pom sleeves come in black and white options - I dithered a bit over my choice, but in the end decided on white to give contrast, frame the collar, and draw light to my face.

Next was skin, hair and nails. I wanted an edgy, high fashion hairdo that was in proportion to the outfit - not overshadowing the fluffy shoulders of the sYs collar, but with a bit of height. Another new purchase, as yet unworn, came out of my inventory - the Rockeuse hair from Plume. Just right.

I knew I needed a pale skin with dramatic makeup, and I wanted to bring some colour to the look, so I pulled out one of my latest favourite skins from Glam Affair - Gio in Pale. The red eyes and lips against the pale creamy skin make a perfect foil for the stark monochrome clothing. I added ultra long red nails from Mstyle to give a touch of red at the fingertips.

Finally, earrings. Again, I wanted something edgy and high fashion in keeping with the look. I tried Solar Bloom in black from Gems and Kisses - and they worked! I added the bracelet as well, on my left wrist, to give a bit of interest on the arm. I like the way the spikes echo the spikiness of the fur sleeves and my long eyelashes too.  Job done! And what did I learn? Sometimes working fast can get great results, as I work instinctively. And I really need to sort my inventory better if I want to be able to style great looks at the drop of a hat!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Training is crucial for any aspiring model in SL. As well as learning the essential "tricks of the trade" it's a great way to network and meet industry professionals. Before I started in this game I had no idea just how much there was to learn - I mean, just how difficult can it be to walk your avatar in a straight line and pose a few times? But like all true professionals, the best models make it look a lot easier than it actually is.

As well as impeccable styling and editing to make the outfit look just right, you need to choose the right walks and poses, making sure they don't stretch garments out of shape or put limbs through prims. And you have to look at the transitions, the way the poses flow together, to present the outfit in the best possible way. And then there's communication devices, setting up HUDs, and doing it all under pressure while fighting the incredible lag that always comes with fashion shows. There's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

I completed a combined basic and advanced degree at iC Motions Academy back in July. It gave me a sound grounding in the basics of runway and some of the general "how to's" of modeling in SL. Augusta Carver, my tutor, was encouraging and positive and gave me and my fellow student a lot of confidence to hit the ground running. But I knew I wanted more - as a model, I need to be challenged to be the very best I can be. So I enrolled with the Miss Virtual World Academy.

I went to my first class at the weekend. It was a 2 hour session on shapes with Kay Fairey, a very experienced model and CEO of BLVD agency. The session was conducted in voice, and Kay looked at each student in detail, making suggestions as to how they could tweak their shapes to achieve the look they were aiming for. Kay made 2 suggestions for me - one was to make my head a little larger, the other was to narrow my eye opening a little. I took these on board, and wow! What a transformation! It's incredible what a couple of notches on the slider bar can achieve.  Kay also recommended some new eyes for me, and they are simply stunning. I now look much fiercer, less "cute" and more "fashion" - the next evolution of Bea, and I love it.

Excited by my new look, I decided to try to style a look in the spirit of Alexander McQueen - here's the result.

What I'm wearing:

Body suit:  LeLultra - SPIKE/nude Lelutka
Boots: [PACADI Jasha] Armadillo Plateaus (store closed)
Corset: Mix&Match - Corset - Plat B1 Gems and Kisses
Gloves: part of Smoked Coat outfit Vita's Boudoir

Hair:  [LeLutka] POMPAI hair - Powder  Lelutka
Skin:  Glam Affair - Gio Petal Chod from Miamai Black Label Miamai
Lips:  SHINY LIPS -ginger-  KOSH
Lashes: NoAlpha lashes no.1  Miamai
Eyes: HD - Natural Series  hazel blue4 - medium ED Design

Poses from Di's Opera
Photos taken at Bladerunner sim

Friday, 7 October 2011

Serendipity...what's in a name?

To name something defines it, gives it it’s own distinct existence. Perhaps no accident then, that the very first thing we do, on entering Second Life, is to name our avatar.

Back in 2009, when I first rezzed inworld, the process was that the resident would choose their own first name, then select a second name from a Linden Labs provided list. This list of second names was designed to ensure that each resident had a unique identity, but also served to create some sense of family, since, although there would never be another avatar with your exact combination of first and second names, surnames were shared.

I chose the name Beatrice because I had recently learned that my paternal grandmother, who I never met, was called that. I have always thought it a pretty name, but had no idea what it meant. I later learned that it means “blessed voyager; she who brings happiness”. How lovely, and how apt for someone entering a new world, eager to explore and find all it has to offer.

When I scanned the extensive list of available second names I had no doubt whatsoever when my eyes fell on “Serendipity” that this was to be my avatars name. It just felt completely right. Serendipity means “a talent for making fortunate discoveries while searching for other things, or an occurrence of such” A posh way of saying “a lucky coincidence” I guess. And, given all that Second Life has brought me, again strangely appropriate – serendipitous, even!

When I look back over my two and a half years in Second Life, I can see many ways this name has in some way shaped and influenced my journey…not least by creating in me a sense of blessedness, and openness to lucky meetings and encounters. My first home, a little skybox, was given to me, completely free and with no strings attached, by an avatar called Lucky who I bumped into, quite literally, at a dance club. One of my best and longest standing friendships has been with someone I met when I teleported into what had been a favorite sim, only to find it was now a clothing store.

But without a doubt most fatefully, when I was hanging out very late one night at Frank’s Jazz Bar, I got an instant message from another Londoner, who said “You’re up late!” I was in the throes of a doomed Second Life romance at the time, and definitely not looking for any kind of involvement. But he was friendly and very funny, and we struck up a conversation. It turned out we lived only a few miles apart, and after a couple of months of inworld friendship, we agreed to meet, no strings attached, for a walk around London’s old East End. I already knew he was a lovely man, but I hadn’t expected the chemistry between us to be so hot! 18 months later, we’re living happily together with our two cats, and I have never been more content in love. And if that’s not an incredibly lucky and totally unexpected coincidence, I don’t know what is!

Another lovely moment of serendipity was a couple of weeks back, when, dancing at a fashion party, I got and instant message from a lady called Cleopatra Xigalia, who said “I just released a gown with your name! Would you like one?”. A few seconds later the Serendipity Gown by Cleo Couture landed in my inventory. We struck up a conversation, and it turns out that she too had met her real life partner (who actually designed the gown) in SecondLife! A lovely lady, with a great sense of humour, and a fabulous store as well.

So this is Serendipity – a gorgeous gown in glistening gold that will make you feel like an old fashioned movie goddess when you wear it, from Cleo Couture. And hopefully, it will bring you luck too!

I’m fascinated to hear other people’s stories of how they chose their names, and how, if at all, that choice has influenced their experience of Second Life. What’s your name? How did you choose it? How do you feel it has impacted on your second life? Tell me in comments below…